I logged on this morning to find the bright orange thing lit up. I had a comment! Oh boy! And then I read that comment, and well, someone nominated me for an award. Thank you Cara! I’m a bit surprised, I mean I’m not doing this for awards or publicity or anything; my general rule that I’m sure I’ve already told half the blogging community by now is: Write if you want to. Write if you have something to say. Write what you want to. The best way to think of it is like this: If you were to lose all your followers tomorrow- would you still continue your blog? If the answer is no; I suggest you stop and re-evaluate why you started blogging in the first place.



1. Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Add The One Lovely Blog Award / The Very Inspiring Blogger Award to your post.

3. Share 7 things about yourself.

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7 things About Myself That you won’t find in any of my other posts written yet or on my “So who are you and what is this?” page.
  1. I’m a dancer. I’ve been dancing since I was 12, but I stopped to focus on university. My favourite styles of dance are Musical Theatre, Tap, and Modern; but I would have loved to try lyrical or ballet if I had the patience to deal with barre work.
  2. The library is like my second home. I’ve always told my parents if they had to lose me like parents sometimes accidentally lose their kids for a minute in the supermarket, to please lose me in a library or a bookstore.
  3. On that note, I’m currently wanting to be a librarian. I’ve wanted to be a lot of things over the years, actress, audiologist, writer, editor, and now librarian. It seems possible- maybe.
  4. I’ve been to a lot of places. When I was 12 I spent a year and a half in England. The best thing was that we got to visit a lot of other places in Europe. Paris and Normandy (in France), Venice and Rome (in Italy), Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Corfu (Croatia), Mykonos and Athens (Greece), Edinburgh (Scotland) (And that’s just all the European places)
  5. I’m considering maybe going to get a teaching degree, maybe it would be fun to be a teacher- but then I just remember all those presentations I’ve given over the years, remembered how scary they were; put myself into the perspective of a teacher- who has to do that every single day! And remind myself that others would be better at it than I ever would. I’m terrible at explaining stuff.
  6. I really want to make a difference in the world; more than anything-I get into really dark places sometimes, and I just think to myself- why not spend my life helping others instead of just grumbling about me- then maybe it would have some purpose. I’m considering joining the Peace Corps for a year or something of that sort.
  7. I ask way too many questions. This whole blog started from a question. Unfortunately, the questions I ask usually don’t have answers. That bugs me, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t answers; it just means that I have to try to find an answer myself! In other words, I think too much, am too into school, and should just learn to “relax?” once in a while.

So that’s me, I guess. It’s a bit strange to make a list of things about myself… I’m not sure if you can get a whole sense of a person just from their writing a list. I’m going off on a tangent again as usual.


Now this is difficult. I follow many blogs, but they’re all so different; and I just have to think about how I can possibly just list a few when they are all so different from each other. Here are some that get my vote though.

  1. Children’s books heal: This is an amazing blog about children’s books and how they can help kids deal with disabilities, trauma, parents in the army, etc. They pick a book, give a synopsis of the book and comment on it. It’s great to see and read this blog and realize that kids books can help others.
  2. RebelGrrls: A blog that explores disability in popular culture and representations of gender. Really interesting to read all their posts about Disney- but they also write about stuff like Big Bang Theory and “more adult” stuff.
  3. Brandon Robshaw and the English Language: this blog is amazing. This blogger talks about certain words, why those specific words are used, if language can be gendered and so on. Highly informative and great to read.
  4. The Grimm Report-Not exactly academic, but still entertaining. I am a huge fan of this blog. It takes fairy tales and creates satirical news reports about the events or characters featured in them.
  5. Young People’s Pavilion: Another site with great insight. (See what I did there? Yeah, I’m the next Dr. Seuss!) It talks about creative writing, gives reviews of children’s books and great summaries.
  6. Hannah Meiklejohn: She writes amazing book reviews, and I love her posts on children’s illustrations. There’s a lot of great stuff and variety- if you’re looking at children’s books that is.
  7. JUMP FOR JOY! Photo project: Another non-academic blog, but I just appreciate so much how this person is trying to find positivity in this world through this project that I had to nominate them.
  8. CanadianWry: A person blogging on her sabbatical: switching cultures from Britain to Canada. It’s nice to know that others can see that there are differences between countries that are supposedly alike. Even if the same language is spoken; it’s not the same place, and I love all the information given from a tourists view about my hometown. Really inspires me to look at it in a new way.
  9. Tolerantpeople: Great blog about-what else(?) Accepting others. Sophist six speaks about Race profiling, age discrimination, stereotyping, and so on. Looking from this blogger’s point of view is just very interesting to read about.