I’ve got too much to do this week, so in substituting my weekly post- here’s a reblog! I definitely see the problem with how gender divisions happen from a young age. This vision of being violent being what comprises of men being “masculine” is quite disturbing. I applaud the person faced with this for walking away. It’s so entrenched in society, and children pick up on these things- They aren’t blind and they will see things and make judgements for themselves based on how people around them act.

Can You Relate?

Recently, my friend’s 9-year-old son came home sad and confused. He had gone to the park with some boys he did not know well.tough-boys

After tearing a wooden fence apart, throwing rocks at a squirrel, and announcing to one of the younger boys that his mother was a slut, the older boys turned on M. They asked him if he “had a slut.” When he asked what this meant, they told him a slut was a “girl to f**k.” He wasn’t totally sure what that meant, and he got scared. As he told his mother later “I got the feeling if I didn’t answer right, they would hurt me.”

Being one of the boys in that moment meant being destructive, suppressing any signs of empathy, selling out women you care about, and characterizing females by their sexual availability. The price for not participating in that masculinity is the threat of…

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