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In my opinion, I really like what you’re trying to say; but I don’t know if I really think it is fair. For example, when a child dies, it is a tragedy: but why is it any more of a tragedy than when someone of say… 30 dies? Why is it more shocking? Is it perhaps foolish to think that children deserve a world without bad things when others have to go through bad things daily? The world can be a bad place, but it can also be a great place. I think rather than sheltering them and “protecting their innocence” (what’s to say they really are?) ; we let them come to their own conclusions.

A Brand New Episode

I vividly remember my childhood days. Life then, for my sister, cousins, friends and me was fairly simple. We woke up every morning hating to go to school, but enjoying each and every moment there. We spent the evenings examining tiny insects & creatures, playing outside with friends till it got dark. I remember getting mad at my sister for the silliest reason, yet being proud when she got all protective over me. I got all the little pleasures that a child was supposed to get. Now as I reflect back, I am happy with the time I spent as a child, shedding my innocence only when the time was right. I grew up in a healthy environment. Thanks to my wonderful family!

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