Interesting take on how children’s books, although they may be set in a different time; if they were written in this century they may hold modern values which are contradictory to values which were really held in the historical period the characters are placed in.

1001 Children's Books

Reading historical novels is always interesting – diving into a different time period , and finding out all the details of people’s lives, and how they lived, and what they ate, and what they thought (even if they are made up by the author) is so intriguing to me. Kevin Crossley-Holland’s The Seeing Stone is a wonderful example of a book set in a different time that is written in such a way that I felt that it could really be true. Set in 1199 on the border of England and Wales, there were so many details that flushed out the medieval world, from the lessons Arthur (the narrator) is taught, to what his family ate for Christmas dinner, to the types of taxes were paid to Arthur’s father, the lord of the manor… Wonderful, luxurious detail. The research the author undertook must have been enormous.

arthur 2One thing that struck…

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