Not only is the construction of the child something that needs to be changed; so is the view of the family. Even today there is still a preference of having two parents- Should parents need to be tied down to this role though? If they know they can’t live up to expectations of society to care for the child, maybe the problem is society’s expectations, not single parenthood itself. We’re trapped in these roles, and we’re judged if we don’t fit into these roles or if we wish to refuse them, even if it would be in the best interests of others.

It’s not the entire answer, but it certainly is an interesting point of view. And what is extraordinary is that it comes from the left and appears in the New York Times.  The decline of two-parent households may be a significant reason for the divergent fortunes of male workers, whose earnings generally declined in recent decades, and female workers, whose earnings generally increased, a prominent labor economist argues in a new survey of existing research.   Liberal Professor Says Single Parenthood Crippling Boys and Men

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