A really interesting post about marketing children’s books from an author’s point of view. Also mentions age restrictions on Youtube. I don’t necessarily agree with the can’t be younger than 13 to sign up- it is limiting. It’s something to think about- for what extent are author’s writing for the parents- it’s about what the parents THINK the children would like. I believe that choosing books though should be something that a child is involved in from a young age- if they choose the books, they can decide what they like and dislike; it isn’t the parent’s place to tell children what they should enjoy.

Scott C. Johnson


It was recently suggested to me that I should visit parenting blogs as a sort of indirect way to market my book. The idea is, if I comment on parenting blogs and my comments are intriguing enough, then parents will take interest in me, find my blog, and check out my work. So right away, I began googling, looking for all the mommy blogs I could find. But there’s just one problem, I’m not a Mom. I’m a man. I don’t even have kids. I’m not in the habit of visiting Mommy blogs, and I’m not sure it’s something I want to do. Vising Mommy blogs for the sole purpose of attracting people to my work sounds disingenuous.

However, the idea did get me to thinking. “Who is my real audience?” “Who do I write for?” I think these are questions that every children’s author should ask themselves. “Who do…

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