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This is more of an apology and an explanation for my posts seeming so irregular. I hope to start to make it regular (about once a week) once my exams are finished. For now, here are my general rules for blogging.

  1. Don’t post when triggered.

So, I get triggered a lot. By silly things, stupid things. Can’t really and don’t want to get into it. When it happens I tend to get really angry and sad. Not a good thing to take it out on my blog or followers, so when it gets to be “one of those days” I stay off of WordPress. You can usually tell it’s one of those days if I’ve (a) posted a “trigger warning” on the previous post, or (b) Written something on twitter about being annoyed/scared etc. Basically, what I mean to say is- nobody should post if they are having a very very strong emotion about something which just happened. You don’t want your writing to be a reaction. If you’re extremely angry, don’t go online and blog about it, scream your loudest scream into your pillow. If you’re sad, watch a comedy, don’t write about it online; If having just experienced a strong wave of emotion: anger, sadness, fear, wait a while until you post- or you’ll be blurring your personal and your blog life so fast you won’t stop to think about it.

2. School comes first.

Well, it should… Sometimes I’m able to post in between my homework- I’ve got a four day weekend all term so that’s good. However, this is just research, school is for my future- My future is (although I do hate to admit it) more important than research. I’m also a huge procrastinator… WordPress is one of my lifesavers, as well as books, and Facebook from schoolwork. I need to learn how to put school first- that means WordPress and other things need to take a backseat. It’s sad, and I’m going to be bored and pounding my head on the wall while writing an essay about celebrities and another essay about slave narratives, graveyard poems, and using imaginative sympathy. But it has to get done. No anger here, just acceptance.

3. Spend more time interacting with the blogging community.

I’ve just found this out. Posting on your own blog should only be about 40 percent of your time spent on WordPress, reading other blogs, commenting on other blogs, and letting other people know that you like what they have to say is just as important. After all- if you use your voice- you should really listen to others too and let them know they’re being heard.

4. Go back regularly to your old posts to see if anything is out of date/irrelevant.

By that I mean fix broken links, get rid of videos that have been taken down by youtube- nothing is worse than seeing that screen which says “This video is marked private” or “This account has been terminated”. Go back to your work and scroll from the beginning, clicking on all the links as well; you don’t want to click on a link and find it doesn’t work anymore. I do a “clean out” about once every three months. If there are videos that don’t work, I take them down and either put in a video that does work, or stick a picture in there instead. Or sometimes, I just leave the space video and image-less. Nothing wrong with doing that. If there are links that don’t work, I try to find other sources and use those instead. This also goes for Pingbacks. If the owner of the site has taken their blog off, you’re going to want to get rid of the pingback, because it can be frustrating for your readers to be lead to nowhere.

Well, because of Rule #2, I think I’m going to be on hiatus/irregular posting for a few more weeks. I’ve got another blog I’m working on right now for another class, and I’ve got research, and homework, and exams….

Oh why can’t I just have a time turner like Hermione? If only Harry Potter were real.

This is my only post that is not academic, and therefore, my only one that doesn’t need a works cited. It’s kind of intimidating to switch between my “WordPress persona” and my “real persona” so to speak, but I just had to for this post. Hope to return soon… in a week or two…or three… maybe four.

Or if anybody does have a time turner handy lend it to me.