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This quote is one of the most eye-opening quotes that I have found on the topic of children and the concept of childhood. It does not state specifically the issues of child/adult binary thinking or talk about the cult of the child. Instead it brings to light the separation of children and adults, and gives the reason as to why; without being too descriptive and without using technical terms which confuse the ordinary person. The quote identifies adult fears, that their children won’t grow up to be good people. It seeks to reassure them that their children are able to make decisions, figure out their strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes on their own.

By acknowledging that children are “someone today”, there is acknowledgement that children are capable of things; they are aware of things. They should not be ignored simply because they are “only a child” but respected as human beings. They should not objectified or dehumanized for being children.

In other words, there should not be such a separation of children and adults. It allows for children to be categorized, and as a separate category adults don’t have to deal with them or listen to them. Adults don’t have to consider that children have feelings, thoughts, worries, or fears if they are treated as “just children”. This thinking is dangerous, leaving children vulnerable to the possibility of neglect, abuse, child labour, and trauma.

Since I started this post off with a quote, I will end it the same way.

Maybe Dr. Seuss was on to something there.


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